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Navajo Blue Travel Plaza is designed to be your cultural gateway to the Navajo Nation. With Navajo-inspired architectural design, traditional Navajo cuisine, and informative / interactive displays regarding popular monuments on the Navajo Nation, Navajo Blue is not only your opportunity to refuel and recharge, but also to experience and explore the fascinating aspects and history of the Navajo Nation.


The Bluebird is identified as the son of the Sun in the Navajo culture and can be seen as a directional guardian, associated with the west.

Hours of Operation


Yá’ át’ ééh!

Welcome to the Twin Arrows' Navajo Blue Travel Plaza, the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise’s (Navajo Gaming) newest business venture.

The travel plaza – named Navajo Blue –is much more than the new Southwest gateway to the Navajo Nation. Navajo Blue creates a new opportunity for guests to refuel, recharge, enjoy freshly prepared frybread and Navajo tortillas with their favorite toppings and experience authentic Navajo architecture and culture of the Navajo Nation. Most importantly for Navajo Gaming, it is a jobs creator, it employed nearly 200 people from five different contractors during the construction phase and will employ 47 full-time team members moving forward.

“We’re eager to introduce the Navajo Blue Travel Plaza to travelers along I-40 as an introduction to the rich culture of the Navajo People,” said Navajo Gaming Interim CEO Brian Parrish. “In addition to creating valuable jobs, Navajo Blue will allow guests of the Nation to enjoy an all-new dining and retail experience that can’t be found anywhere else along the I-40 corridor. This includes a fire pit to slow-roast premium-grade Navajo beef that is prepared a number of different ways to suit your unique tastes and preferences.”

Navajo Blue will service all vehicles with an emphasis on semi-trailer trucks. The plaza features premium restrooms like you would find in a Four Diamond Resort, showers and laundry services for truck drivers, a wide variety of food and beverage selections with an emphasis on authentic, all-natural options, a premium coffee bar and a fresh baked pastries, fudge and other dessert items to treat yourself during your travels.

In conjunction with the opening, Navajo Gaming will celebrate the successful completion of its first large-scale Professional Development Program for young Navajo professionals graduating college and entering the workforce. The project, entitled, “Let’s Build the Business” program, offered twenty Navajo students to participate first-hand in developing a brand-new business from the ground up.

“The ‘Let’s Build the Business’ project allowed recent graduates from colleges and universities from around the country to learn business theory, as well as practical application, while contributing to the design, construction and operations of the plaza – depending on their areas of study,” shared Parrish. “They gained invaluable direct experience through both individual and team assignments. This program is ultimately structured to augment the professional development of the interns and position them for success earlier in their careers. Hopefully, many of the program graduates choose to return to Navajo and put their educations and experiences to work at home.”

Managed by Navajo Gaming and approved by the Navajo Nation Leadership, the pioneering internship program provided Navajo students from the Diné College, Navajo Technical University, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Duke and other colleges an unparalleled opportunity.

“We’re grateful to the Navajo Nation Council, the Office of the Navajo President and Vice President and to the Leupp Chapter for our partnerships in moving this economic development project forward as together we create more opportunities for Navajo,” added Quincy Natay, the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Navajo Gaming.

Ahe`hee. (Thank You)


  • Supports RVs, diesel vehicles, CDLs, motorcycles, and cars
  • 24/7 clean and safe operations
  • Retail and CDL dual entrances
  • Free Guest Wi-Fi
  • Service animal friendly environment
  • Outdoor patio for eating and resting area


  • Clean and Safe Environment.
  • Travel items, electronics, soft drinks, and snacks
  • Fresh, hot food items pick-up and order area
  • Electronics
  • Vehicle Maintenance Materials