Navajo Fizz Craft Soda Company

Brewed on-site with all natural ingredients


The Navajo Fizz Craft Soda Company is a multifaceted business venture designed to produce delicious and unique beverages from ingredients sourced from the Navajo Nation and local surrounding communities. Our initial launch of flavored sodas consist of ingredients such as sumac berries for the strawberry soda sourced from Navajo Agricultural Products Industry. One of our most popular soda flavors is the Navajo Greenthread tea soda with a recipe based on the naturally growing Navajo Greenthread tea native to the Navajo Nation community. Navajo Fizz will launch its startup operations at the Navajo Blue Travel Center in Flagstaff, Arizona. Navajo Fizz is producing its craft soda with custom brewing and bottling equipment on a guest interactive platform with brewing and bottling systems visible to the travel center guests from behind the walk up glass panel walls. Navajo Fizz has a story unlike any other, a story rich in history, a company designed to strive to be self-sufficient, to be independent, a company at its core that preserves and utilizes the ingredients from where they originated from and how they were intended to be used.

Navajo Fizz was developed to pay tribute to the plentiful amount of natural ingredients grown and produced on the Navajo Nation, to be self-reliant, and to produce a delicious product highlighting the traditional way of making craft beverages. Navajo Fizz pays tribute to the story telling history of the Navajo people while producing a carbonated beverage with ingredients indigenous to the Navajo community. In the world of beverage development most beverage companies hire flavor houses to develop syrups that are most often chemically produced and lab created. This process yields a final concentrate with non-natural and artificial ingredients that contain very little amounts of actual fruit juice. Navajo Fizz takes the opposite approach to developing our sodas. We use a fruit forward cold press system with all natural extracts, local honey, pure vanilla, whole fruit, and ingredients native to the region. Navajo Fizz recipes will never require high fructose corn syrups or alternative sweeteners that have swept through the market place due to their inexpensive properties. The four images below showcase our initial four craft soda flavors and trademark registered custom labels.

Fizz Flavors

Fresh New Flavors

Cherry Lemongrass

One of our most popular and newest flavors. The ripe red cherries magically unite with hints of fresh lemongrass and a twist of fresh squeezed lemons leaving you wanting more.

Classic Grape

A craft soda we all remember and relate to. The meticulous natural process of pressing the fresh white grapes provides an almost candy like finish. This rich aromatic craft soda will fill you with natural antioxidants and a sense of refreshment.

Juicy Orange

We begin with only the most ripe and mature oranges clutching to every drop of this juicy nectar. Our twist on this crowd favorite provides a taste of candied orange peel with a mouth full of organic citrus zest.

Piñon Nut
Root Beer

A classic soda flavor with a unique local spin with the addition of the piñon nuts. This all natural classic root beer is flavored with all the classic spicy root beer notes and the addition of buttery piñon nuts and local honey to add a delicious creamy note to this refreshing, classic soda.

Flavor Highlights: Spicy – Creamy – Piñon Nut

and Sumac

A refreshing all natural and cold pressed fruit based soda with locally sourced sumac berries from NAPI. This soda bursts with juicy strawberry flavors and a hint of locally harvested sumac berries to give you one of the most refreshing and intriguing sodas you’ve ever tried.

Flavor Highlights: Juicy – Refreshing – Intriguing

Greenthread Tea

This soda is the ultimate comfort beverage. The star being the greenthread with the supporting roles played by the honey and lemon. With flavors of tea with gentle sweet hay undertones supported by wildflower honey sweetness and floral notes with the tart lemon supporting it all.

Flavor Highlights: Greenthread Tea – Honey – Lemon

and Cream

A new riff on a classic. We took the classic vanilla cream soda and juiced it up with the addition of sweet peaches and aromatic Mexican vanilla to create the perfect balance for this delightful soda.

Flavor Highlights: Peachy – Floral – Juicy


Navajo Fizz uses state of the art, custom designed production equipment. Our batch volume is 3 barrels or 93 gallons at a time and we have two separate 3 barrel or 93 gallon brite tanks. We have a custom carbonation monitoring system for precision carbonation and an automated bottling and capping system to maintain quality and freshness.