The Fire Pit

When you’re fired up for something hot off the grill and cooked to perfection, this is your pit stop!


Poblano Sausage

Original Sausage

Green Chili Sausage

Sausage / Egg

Bacon / Egg

Bacon / Egg / Cheese Croissant

Sausage / Egg / Cheese Croissant

Ham / Egg / Cheese Croissant

Bacon / Egg / Cheese Biscuit

Sausage / Egg / Cheese Biscuit


Cream of Wheat

Sandwiches & More

Lamb Sandwich

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Stuffed Navajo Taco

Hot Dog

Tamale Pork 4oz

Tamale Green Chili Chicken 3.7 oz

Beef Brisket

Smoked Chicken Leg/Wing

Smoked Chicken Breast


Spam, Egg, Cheese Burrito

Spam Burrito

Veggie Burrito

Green Chili Beef Burrito

Bowls & Sides

Biscuits and Gravy Bowl

Chicken Fried Steak Bowl

Blue Corn Mush

Roasted Corn